Kevin Magher

Kevin MagherKevin was born in 1932 in Corio, just out of Geelong in Victoria. He spent all his young life on a small property and commenced work in an office., but it drove him to tears. He then got a job milking cows around Colac and stayed there for about a year. On his eighteenth birthday he got a job as a rouseabout/woolpresser and started shearing. He mostly worked up the Darling River from Mildura. Then in the Spring he would head down to Hamilton.

By the following year, he was shearing quite well and he spent a year shearing around Broken Hill and then went out around South Australia as far as the Nullabor Plain and up to Coober Pedy. Over many years Kevin shore in Queensland and the Riverina. He hurt his back and eventually after six years returned to shearing and kept it up until 1988 when his back decided enough was enough.

Kevin has a book in print entitled "Tough Country - Bush Ballads and Bullshit". Copies can be obtained by emailing Kevin Magher or by phone on 03 5255 1868