Ric Raftis

Ric RaftisRic lives in Wedderburn which is located approximately 230 kilometres north of Melbourne in the State of Victoria. Prior to being in Wedderburn and Bendigo, Ric lived in Barmah for some months. It is one of his most favourite places. There is more about Barmah in my piece of verse by the same name in these pages. Ric is a member of the Australian Bush Poets Association. He has been involved in bush poetry since 1997 and in music of many varieties since 1970. Ric is an accomplished guitarist and backs himself when singing. He also plays some banjo and harmonica. One of his greatest regrets is he is yet to find a way to play harmonica and sing at the same time. Ric is available for performance and more details can be found on his Bookings Page

Ric has moved on from Bush Poetry to a large extent but still manages these pages. He used to perform bush poetry and music but arthritis has put an end to guitar playing these days except for the odd song or two.  This usually depends on the level of wine consumed.  Ric is heavily involved in mental health advocacy and teaches Mental Health First Aid.  He also loves travelling, particularly to places off the beaten track and even more particularly if he can ride his motorcycle. As you can see from these pages, Ric is also passionate about computers and web authoring. His the webmaster for these pages and writes pages for other poets and singers amongst others. Visit Ric's web and internet pages for more information. 

If you are a visitor to these pages and want to know anything about Australia or the area Ric lives, just ask and Ric will be happy to try and answer your questions.

Ric has put out a CD featuring both poetry and music. There are eleven tracks on the album and you can view full details and ordering information on the CD Page

Here is a selection of Ric's bush poetry. Ric's work is published here to promote bush poetry and verse. Readers of these pages are welcome to use any of his work they wish. He only asks that you acknowledge authorship at all times. Ric would also welcome any feedback.

To contact Ric regarding CD's, or anything to do with these pages, go to the Contact Page.