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You can always blow your trumpet
make folks think you’re the best.
You can skite about achievements
how your better then the rest.

Mix in much higher circles
then those you see each day.
Squash those who criticise you
make then get out of your way.

But when push comes down to shove
you will find you’re on your own.
No real friends to protect you
when your cover it gets blown.

Its how you deal with people
it’s how you make them feel.
don’t let airs and graces win out
keep it honest, keep it real.

There’s one thing that you need
and it’s a thing you can’t reject
some things you get so easily.
but you’ve gotta earn respect.

Bob Pacey ©

Posted : 29/06/2016 4:05 pm
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Ya Bloody hoooo you can post em in the middle here LOL.

now can someone please tell me how to post a picture  even my avatar will not stick.

Might have something to do with my face but WHATEVER !


Posted : 29/06/2016 4:07 pm
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Working on it Mate ...
(great piece BTW) ... 😀

Posted : 29/06/2016 4:50 pm
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Somethings are just better said in rhyme Manny.


Posted : 29/06/2016 5:02 pm
Laurie Meintjes
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well said bob, love it!

Posted : 30/06/2016 10:50 pm